Flood Improvement Works

M.B.Roche & Sons Ltd are Hull, Humber and East Yorkshire based flood improvement and flood alleviation specialist contractors.

We can’t prevent flooding entirely, but we can reduce the risks of flooding. By working with our partners and people at risk of flooding, we can minimise it’s effects and reduce the damage it causes.

Over 5.5 million, or one in six, properties are at risk of flooding from all types of floods across England and Wales. The latest UKCP09 climate change projections indicate rising sea levels and increasingly severe and frequent rainstorms mean the risk of floods will increase.

We can reduce the likelihood of flooding through the management of land and river systems; by building and maintaining flood and coastal defences; raising the awareness of flood risk through the Flood Map and encouraging people to take action to protect themselves and their property. We also reduce the damage floods can do through effective control of development, providing flood warnings and working with emergency responders to help people who are at risk.

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