Roche Top Tips for Health & Safety

M.B.Roche & Sons Ltd – 2013 Top tips for Health & Safety

There are several recurring key themes that emerged as contributing to our good health and safety record during 2012.

Hull & East Yorkshire based civil engineering firm M.B.Roche & Sons Ltd share the top 10 tips for health and safety in 2013.


  • Set the tone on safety: make your expectations clear and lead by example on site – ‘walk the walk, talk the talk’.
  •  Make sure your workforce is ‘happy, healthy and here’ by giving health risk management equal priority to accident prevention.


  • Plan ahead: take time out before starting on a complicated piece of work to consider the risks and work out how to manage them.
  •  Review and learn: where health and safety failings are identified, look at what went wrong and adapt risk management arrangements to avoid a recurrence.


  • Make sure supervisors have the right skills to lead the workforce effectively: as well as technical knowledge, they need good communication skills.
  •  Visual standards – posters or photographs illustrating health and safety ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ – can be a good way of getting messages across.

Worker engagement

  • Listen to workers and involve them in problem solving: a two-way dialogue is essential if workers are to feel they have a real stake in health and safety.
  •  Establish a ‘fair blame’ culture on health and safety: if mistakes are made, use them as shared learning points; if rules are flouted, apply sanctions.